Five habits that make my every day life better

1. 4:30am start
This is a relatively new habit; I am only on week 4 of this. I used to crawl out of bed at 8.30 or even 9am after having hit snooze a dozen times. After coming back from Portugal, my partner and I took advantage of jet lag and finally implemented this routine of waking up at what I like to think is a pretty hardcore 4:30am.

Benefits: so.much.time. And with that, the sense of being in control of your day. I get my workout done and have cleared my inbox by the time people start trickling into the office. I've always struggled with falling asleep and that too got better with this routine.

2. A glass of water every morning
I down a glass of water within minutes of waking up. At the beginning, forcing down water first thing in the morning was an exercise in endurance. I started off with a big mouthful, then half a glass and by about two weeks moved to a full glass. Now, I sometimes drink a good 500ml and it feels like my morning hasn't started right until I've hydrated myself. This habit is especially important for those with a caffeine habit.

Benefits: all the benefits of being well hydrated. For me, in the morning, this translates to less sluggishness, a clearer throat and more radiant skin, especially if I've had a rough night. 

3. Daily inspiration
You must find your reason for the daily grind and remind yourself of it every day. For me, having role models help so much. Some of the people I look up to: Kayla Itsines, Valentina Lequeux, Hannah GypsyOn. I admire their dedication to fitness and their relationships, their attitudes toward food and happiness. And of course, my partner, who inspires me through action every day. Imagine a man who gives all at work for the majority of his day, then heads home and cooks his own dinner and at 10pm, after all of that, goes under the squat bar. There is no excuse to choose the lazy way out when you witness that. 

Benefits: Let the strength, discipline and actions of others uplift you, so you don't feel so alone or even crazy in your journey, so you don't forget the reason you started something

4. Daily training toward your goal
Every day, I strive to do something that contributes to my ultimate goal: the freedom to a long and fulfilling life with my partner. To me, this means a balance of being strong, agile and fit. Over the years, I've played around with bodybuilding (strength), yoga (flexibility and balance) and circuit training (cardiovascular endurance). Recovery is equally important and I try to get 1-2 rest days in a week, whether that's a yin yoga session or taking a nap. Your goals may be different, but the same theory applies.

Benefits: Better mood, higher energy level, being able to lift heavy grocery bags, walk loads on vacations and still feel like you're having an easy day, clothes fit better, appetite is great, you can do so much more, you are unconstrained by the excuse of passage of time. You appreciate sitting on the couch or taking a nap so infinitely much more.

5. A work uniform
Men get by with wearing a white shirt and dark pants every day. Many successful people wear an iteration of the same outfit to work. Over a year ago, I purchased four identical black knee length dresses, but only implemented the practice 5 months ago. My work uniform looks more corporate than my workplace demands, and I definitely received a fair share of blighted comments, which I do not mind, because for me, the office for me is simply not a place for fashion forays. Since I've started this, I've never been under dressed for any client meeting and I love how this frees up my mind for things that matter more to me. 

Benefits: saves you precious time every single morning, never have to worry about looking out of place for any professional situation, now when I decide to dress up, I enjoy it so much more

I am not a disciplined organised person by nature. But I find that prioritising is the key to owning your life, and these habits have helped me greatly in my journey toward that.