Falling in love with content marketing

When I left the journalism field for a content role, the word content unnerved me.

I identified as a reporter. I wrote articles, reported on events and filed stories. Then, 'story' was regarded as old-fashioned and 'content' was in.

What is content? It seemed like an abstract concept or buzzword that marketeers came up with. Argh. Was I a sellout?

Almost five years into the industry, the word 'storytelling' has made a comeback. Now, the title 'storyteller' (these days, it can be anyone who creates content, be it videos, articles, photography) is everywhere.

On the other side, I've fallen in love with creating interesting and valuable content for people just like you or myself, courtesy of brands.

I like that content marketing benefits the audience/consumer/you/me. 

As with any kind of advertising, consumers need to be discerning. But the brand/content creator cannot simply fluff and bluff. To be successful, one has to offer information the audience finds relevant, helpful and entertaining.

In a world of countless options, people want to be loyal to a brand whose principles resonates with them.

Companies that have an ethos should use content to put the word out there. Your target audience/tribe/cult/following/people are waiting to be rallied.